Good start to the week and a message of sorts…

I did go over the Aquila yesterday. As it turns out it’s been 4 years since it last saw flight. This is just wrong. Time flies by but not my planes? Everyday there’s some reason you can’t go. You have a Doctors appointment, the weather is bad, I have work to catch up on, etc. Life gets in the way until one day there’s no more life and your kits and models end up in an estate sale.

As they say in the UK Bollocks. I’m making the time from now on. Getting quality time with one’s hobbies is (in this man’s opinion) better than that proverbial apple a day. 

I now watch the weather conditions daily, hourly. I have the dunes, Rincon, Viola fields, and Elwwod Bluffs all within reach of my home. I keep things ready to go and batteries charged. But you have to allow yourself this time and tell yourself it’s Ok.

Certainly a doctor’s appointment is important or spending time with family, but all the other bits are not. They can wait. And everytime you fly, sail, race, dive, or run trains, and more you feel this release and relaxation that actually adds to your quality of life and the work you still do. It makes you happy and all of life’s little problems and displeasures become less to deal with because you made that successful flight and made that incredible landing. Won a race or test flew your own design that performed flawlessly. Launched a rocket to 5000 feet and brought it back to Earth in one piece. There’s nothing like the feeling of accomplishment.

I have found that people who do these things live longer, happier lives.

I hear it all the time. “I wish I could do that. I wish I had the time for such things. One day I’ll build that kit that has been sitting for years.”

You just have to get out there and do it! Do it now and stop procrastinating. A don’t listen to other people that tell you differently. They just don’t understand and never will. We are a breed like no other. Because of makers and hobbyists we have put people on the Moon, built the Web, airplanes that take us around our world and more. Remember that.

I found a bit more time yesterday to do some more work on this Volare Cessna. Dry fit the wing and built the horizontal stab. I am so much enjoying this build and I fit in an hour each day.

I finished up a set of my Spock ears from the original molds made back in 1978 by myself. These have been popular over the years.

I poured up more ears for a museum and cast teeth for the Planet of the Aprs masks I start painting today. All and all a great start to a new and always amazing week!