It was Monday and back to apes. Some of you may be getting bored with this by now but many more or going ape over the SNG Studio apes masks masks and products. Soon I'll reach a point where there won't be any more new items to offer and we'll build some spaceships and do some Star Trek masks. Sound good?

Yesterday I poured more rubber for mask orders. Sculpted a great deal more on the Orangutan. In fact he's nearly done. I may make that mold today!

In addition to all that I dug out the apes prosthetic mold for the chimp. It is ready to start running to run foam in. Urethane foam this time for reuse and longevity. These should last years and be reusable.

 They will have better paint jobs on them. This one just has the basic color on it without shading.

It comes on the vacuum formed life cast just as the originals were kept on and make a great collectors item as well as being used for cosplay.

I'll be making the gorilla, and orangutan next. Last will be the full head pull over masks and a female chimp.