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This week I had more  mask orders, two apes and the Sixth Finger from the Outer Limits, one of the best Science Fiction TV shows ever made.



While I waited for rubber to thicken in the molds and dry out after being removed,  I finally finished that Lotus 38 that Bobby Jones drove in the Indy 500 in 1965. It was a very involved build for a slot car. Actually for any model build. But in the end it was well worth the effort and money it took to build this little jewel that I will treasure.

I also worked on the ME P. 1101. To repeat, I designed this Electric Ducted Fan radio controlled model based on a German fighter jet from WW2. I sold quite a few kits and built a few myself. Best part is they all flew very well. I found someone that still had an unbuilt kit a few years ago and bought it. I'm slowly putting it together now that I have a field to fly at once more. The Camarillo Flying Circus has really been a game changer for me and I'm making ready many planes I have not been able to fly for over 9 years. 

The airframe is all assembled and the retractable landing gear go in next.

That was pretty much the week. Next week I'll be laying hair on those masks and painting the Sixth Finger. I'm also converting a 1943 designed Sinbad glider into a powered model. This one has a 93 inch wing span and now that I have a place to fly it besides slope soaring I have the motor and gear to fly this on the prop. I'll fly it more this way.
Yesterday I started the conversion by cutting off the nose to make an engine cowling and mount the motor.

The plane has been flown before. Here I am on the beach flying this amazing historical airplane.
flying sibad 2.jpg
flying sinbad.jpg

Thanks to Dave at Smith Brothers Hobby Center for all his time to help me get set up correctly for this airplane.

It was a great week and it feels so good to be well again. When things like this happen to me it reminds me to be very grateful for my health. It trivializes any other problems you may have. As they say "if you have your health you have everything". So true.
I recommend you watch the new Star Trek series, "Strange New Worlds". If you like the original 60s TV show as much as I did then you'll like this show. It's very close to having the original concept of Star Trek back again 56 years later. 
images (10).jpg
I was only 16 back then and it changed my world and gave me hope for the future. It still has this message. We should all observe Gene Roddenberry's message and stop all this war and hate. This first episode makes this clear. The universe awaits us to explore. One race, the human race, and the stars that await us.
It is a great day to live!
Thanks for all the love and support. Please make something beautiful and bring it into this world. It will help make this planet a better place.
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