All the many rocket kits were shipped yesterday and I also made a new improved base for the Star Destroyer. Today it officially finishes and ships tomorrow.

For the first time in a few months I have a clean slate. It won’t last long because orders always come in waves. 
However I will have a bit of time to finish the molds for the slot car bodies and to start developing a few more new items for sale at long last.

You might notice that PT boat hull off frame. That is a build I’m about to start two and it will be radio controlled!

I was fortunate enough to find one of these kits in a thrift shop for 14 dollars. On Ebay they are around 250 or more. Lucky me!

I have a new script to start writing too for the next short film this year. I plan two films this year.
So much to do, so much ahead. Life is joyful when you have purpose and you’re a maker. Never is there a dull or boring day and excitement runs through me each morning I wake up.