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Hey there! We are Francesco and Erika, the team behind SOL75

We started working on it in April 2020 as a side project, but it took way more time than expected.

Your contribution will help us stay motivated and continue to improve the software.

Our to-do list • July 2021

Long term (most exciting)

•  Enable everyone to create their own components
•  Make a downloadable standalone version (at least for Linux and Windows)
•  Not only 3D printers, add milling machine and laser cut options

Short term

✅ Allow SOL75 to choose between multiple material options
✅ Add machine-specific configuration
•  Add more components
•  Create component 3D preview
•  Add presets for machine settings

Thank you!

If you like the project and would like to support it, we’ll be very grateful.
If you are in Torino, write us and we can grab a coffee face to face. 😊