This is something I ask all my 1:1 clients when we are building their Pre-Shot routine and it's often met with a baffled look, some however have been pre-warned. The choices golfers make is vetted by me for suitability.

Firstly why is it a good thing to have a golf song?

It gives us rhythm and tempo. It's very hard to sing a song faster or slower than it is. This gives us something to attach the rhythm of our swing to. If you are someone who likes to think 1, 2, 3 for example for your swing tempo, I can tell you right now that when you are excited or nervous that 1,2, 3 is quicker then when you are not, and that doesn't help.

Now you aren't going to swing at the tempo of the song, that's not it's purpose. When we play it in our head it registers as a tempo, so when you go through your pre-shot routine it's like a radio playing in the background that instructs your head and body that they have attached themselves to a tempo.

So when you play your shot, and all the components that have to work together to make a good swing are waiting to respond, they now move to the tempo that you have set with your coach for your swing, and there is more chance of you successfully completing the shot.

Another aspect is when walking down the fairway, and you sing your song, it engages the right hand side of the brain, the creative side, and that starts to calm you down, and reduce the tension in your body. Another good thing!

Both of the above are perfect for when you have a good score on the 18th with a card in your hand.

So what makes a good golf song? Something with a steady rhythm is basically all the requirement. Loud, quiet, what era it's from does not matter. I use Sitting on the Dock of the Bay and Californication when I consciously want a song however today I had a song with a great rhythm that I don't particularly care for. However I was singing it for a reason and it worked.

Clients have made playlists and some actually play the music on the course to help install and relax.

No dance music!

Fire your suggestions at me and I will let you know yes or no.