James Clear has an amazing book called Atomic Habits which has been beautifully captured in the diagram. It's also available on Audiobooks which is where I heard it first and now have the book.

Along the top are the 4 main areas to creating good habits.

Make the action Obvious / Attractive / Easy / Satisfying to create the habit. And its the reverse to stop a habit you want to get rid of.

There are some points I would additionally like to make:

  • All habits, including bad habits, exist because they benefit you on some level.

  • Systems / Processes are more important than setting goals to make results happen.

  • First find out "who you want to be" and act like that consistently.

  • Finding your “why” creates the need to succeed.

I will be providing more about the subject of Habits as we go along, for members.

Thanks to Dani for this public diagram.