I was presenting on Tuesday to a group of young adults and I was talking about how we create and store memories naturally and how we adapt studying to create memories. Unfortunately for some, the traditional way we teach and learn in schools ostracises some and their self belief deteriorates to a level that effects their lives and leads to a potentially unnecessary fight along their life journey.

When you read this passage please do a check for me. Are you converting what you read, into your voice in your head? I do, as do most, and we take that voice to record what's said and we can memories it or not.

When we study we have a need to be able to record the information and then recall it as needed. Some of you may have used highlighters to help memorise or taken it even further.

Some of us don't speak into our heads as we read. It's just reading. This can be linked in with Dyslexia in some way. When the person can't memorise or make sense of something because we fail to teach them alternatives.

So let's talk about spelling for instance. This helps us all and if you are someone who has difficulty with certain words it's worth a try.

Spelling a word, break it down into syllables and write those down in different colours. Then see them as a picture.

When I asked the person to spell the word, they then saw the picture in their mind and could say the spelling, and backwards.

I can't do the colours here however syllable breakdowns or ones that work for you, look like this

Hos / pi / tal

Def / in / it / ely

Cem / et / ery

I am sure you get the picture. Try it yourself and with your kids and anyone who claims they are not great at spelling. Make the colours that are next to each other noticeably different for best effect.