I was presenting yesterday to my young adults class when we jumped to whether being a millionaire would make you happy.

We quickly got around to the point that happiness is an inside job and not an external one. As I said to them - money rents happiness.

So what factors do we need to help us get to happiness?

Living in the moment is a very pertinent one. Taking the time to maximise the experience that is enjoyable for you, and we demonstrated this when we did the biscuit exercise recently.

Then, from Tony Robbins there is the 6 Human Needs, of which, the last 2 are Growth & Contribution.

Growth is where we are moving forward in some sort of way. It means we are not stagnant or moving backwards.

Contribution is helping others. There is no caveat to that, you get to choose the level and the external reward. The more and better you do that, then the stronger internal happiness you will feel.

Then the other 2 factors we can do, which can be tied across to the previous 2 factors, are Kindness and Forgiveness.

Kindness is easy. Just saying a please and thank you, listening, doing a task that is unsuspected, all count. It releases a chemical into the body that gives us pleasure. And being kind to ourselves is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves. And receiving kindness is a lovely thing too.

Forgiveness is not as easy. We have to make the decision that we are worthy of not caring about that person or thing. We don't have to tell them. It's none of their concern unless it also fits with you to tell them. It can be quite cathartic doing that however not necessary.

Nice simple points you can hopefully follow.