For the first time since we started I have not had any inspiration to write about a topic that I have come across this week that I haven't already written about so here are a few snippets.

Re healthy eating - STOP and in the Observe section I want you to ask yourself, am I going to eat this food because a) I am hungry b) I am emotional c) I am bored. Once you decide then proceed.

Re Hypnotherapy - I am now doing Weight loss including Virtual Gastric Band and Smoking Cessation as well as many other ailments.

I have had a lazy couple of days yesterday and today and you know what, it's done me the world of good. I needed to be compassionate to myself and be a bit selfish when I was able to. I still got the main work done mind you. Sometimes we need to be compassionate to ourselves and get the main stuff done and chill.

I am going on holiday next week to Greece as part of my 30th Wedding Anniversary and turning 54 which is a good number. So will be chilling and stocking up on ideas to write for you.

See you Sunday night