How Has Trump Stayed So Many Steps Ahead??? -Bealdwine Tyrsson (This article is my speculation based on relevant facts.) The mainstream media would have you believe that Trump has substandard intelligence, poor business skills and no morals. Projection is hard to get away from for them I guess, ass nearly every democrat I've ever seen has empirically demonstrated those exact traits. However I will share with you now an interesting hypothesis as to why and how Trump has managed to stay not one but several steps ahead of a cabal that has been eating at the root of our once great country for perhaps more than a century. We all know that Trump was a billionaire real estate mogul for many many years in New York city one of the toughest real estate markets in the world. He had successes and failures as all businessmen do but what I would like to discuss now is a man that Trump chose as a close friend and mentor. Most don't remember much today about senator Joseph McCarthy. He was responsible for starting a fairly widespread investigation from 1950 - 1954 searching for active communist agents operating within American government and private sector businesses. (especially Hollywood) His investigation lasted about 4 years but sadly netted only 2 prosecutions for actual treason. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were tried, convicted and executed for selling atomic plans to the Russians. Throughout the 4 year investigation McCarthy uncovered evidence of a staggering communist network with reaches into many sectors of the U.S. private sector as well as our government. However, sadly he uncovered so much evidence that it was beyond the scope of the average American to believe. This coupled with attacks from the media (one of the industries McCarthy had begun to investigate) sadly brought about the end of McCarthy's investigations, without further progress. Roy Cohn was Senator McCarthy's chief prosecuting attorney. It was his hard work, diligence and recommendation that led to the conviction and execution of the Rosenbergs. Why do I bring this up? Roy Cohn was Trumps mentor for nearly a decade. . . Let that sink in. The takeover of the United States did not begin with Obama, Hillary or even Bill or daddy Bush, the takeover of the United States has been in full swing for longer than many of us has been alive. In order for the present cast of idiots to have ever had an opportunity to take power, our economy, educational system and even the nuclear family had to be destroyed. Well fast forward to present day, and as we can see - they all but succeeded in nearly every aspect of their plan - until they hit a stumbling block - Donald J. Trump. A stumbling block that seemingly "came out of nowhere." That was a necessary part of the illusion but just consider for a moment that Trump spent 13 years (from 1973 till Roy's death in 1986) being mentored by the one man in America most likely to know a huge number of the original members of what we refer to now as the "deep state." Now let's fast forward to the other friend of our president that everyone wants to bring back to life JFK Jr. His death in 1999 no doubt had a huge impact on Trump as he became aware of foul play back then? Fast forwarding a short 3 years later and now The World Trade Center in New York, our president's stomping ground comes crashing down more or less on Trump's doorstep. Immediately after 9/11 Trump was on television stating that an engineer friend of his had taken him on a tour of ground Zero and shown him evidence of explosions and demolitions unrelated to the airplane strike. Considering the historical points I've brought up, can we now see that our president Trump could very easily have become aware of the deep state as far back as the 70's when Trump was in is late 30's early 40's. We see that he could easily have investigated privately on his own, the death of his best friend JFK and become enraged with the knowledge that his crash was no accident. Cap this off with his discovery that one of the most prestigious buildings a city he likely considered his own, was brought down with the help of bad actors in our own government and I contend that there is a very strong possibility that our president has been preparing for his current position for a minimum of over a decade and a half actively, and developing a knowledge of the players and their plays since the 70's/80's!?!?! Considering the masterful manner in which the deep state is being embarrassed, out maneuvered and disassembled I don't believe my speculation is overly far fetched do you? Comments? Contributions? WWG1WGA!!!