THERE IS MORE TO CLIMATE CHANGE THAN CLIMATE Bealdwine Tyrsson The argument in favor of LGBT agenda, and the women's reproductive rights (abortion) agenda, the depopulation agenda and the child transsexual agenda, cannot be sustained or advanced effectively within society, without the firmly established belief in climate change and or overpopulation. The fallback argument to sustain these agendas is that there are simply too many people in the world so life and bloodlines have no intrinsic value, children have no intrinsic value. In fact using the global warming, climate change, overpopulation argument, such things are a detriment to the environmental, social and economic systems. This psychological weapon, disguised as a legitimate argument, was put into play so it could be considered logical that defending the nuclear family, heterosexuality for the sake of procreation, ancestral lineage and the lives and futures of the unborn can then be misrepresented to be defending the "destruction of the planet." Am I saying that big business and stupid individuals aren't polluting the planet. Absolutely not. In Charleston, WV you cannot walk from your car to the inside of a store without gagging, tearing up and coughing thanks to the corruption of the air caused by the local DuPont plant. (I lived there so this is an account based on first hand experience.) Furthermore in a small town near Charleston there have been such a high number of cases of a particular type of cancer that the "EPA" ordered an investigation of the water supply and areas surrounding the plant. Sounds responsible till you find out that DuPont was commissioned to do the investigation. . . (Again an ex girlfriend lived in this town so this is first hand experience.) Am I saying that we shouldn't reduce our emissions from fossil fuels and conserve energy? Absolutely not. I'm just saying that if we place control of such things in the hands of government, oranges that could be grown in South Dakota (through advancements in agricultural processes) will still be grown in Florida and shipped to South Dakota and such shipping processes use far more gas and produces far more pollution than the guy or gal driving to work. I'm also saying that Charleston citizens will still be in a caustic, cancer causing environment, while being forced to walk to work and read by candlelight. Am I saying that Alternative Energy is not economically viable and a scam? Absolutely not. When you hear a Republican say that Alternative Energy is not economically viable, what they are saying is that it cannot be captured, stored, sold and shipped economically. Yet small wind, solar and geothermal systems that focus on efficiency, combined with forklift batteries, and better housing construction, especially in rural areas, are exceedingly viable! However that would place control of personal energy in the hands of the citizen instead of the government and big business. Tesla found out that wasn't going to be allowed to happen over 100 years ago and despite being the most brilliant man on the planet, died penniless caring for pigeons. What I am saying is that the people that cry "global warming" and "climate change" and wholly support the radical changes the claim are necessary, care nothing for society, for the planet or for you or I. Nor do they care for our children. They are liars, thieves and murderers and to them global warming and climate change are nothing more than a means of psychological manipulation of the masses to bring about a specific end. And that end is nothing less than Orwellian complete and total control. Image may contain: cloud, sky, grass, outdoor and nature