Buy Erica Morgan a coffee


Just a loser that found MMD in Dec 2014 and has been derping around with it since ?

Hey there, I see you were concerned about my caffeine levels.

Even if you weren't, hello! 

To keep it brief, I've been creating skits/vines and K-Pop MVs with Naruto characters? Why? Idktbh... But I'm still here, still creating.

I have no set schedule since YouTube, MMD and DeviantArt doesn't pay me. It's fine, as it's not my full time job, but I really wouldn't mind having some coffee to drink in between animation breaks I go through weekly. If you're kind enough to buy me coffee, I'll let you see some BTS of Shinobi...also probably BTS mv previews because you likely didn't read that as "behind the scenes" at first ?

Ok. So much for short n sweet. If you've managed to sift through my dumb rant begging for coffee, maybe I've convinced you I deserve it for making you slightly chuckle sometimes?

-your friendly neighborhood Saiyan Shinobi