Wind blows
Rain falls
Small droplets wet
her body…..

Mist rises
Trees shake
Yet it decorates the
whole scene…..

My mind is with my eyes
And my eyes are with her sight
Raindrops are touching my cheeks
But the drizzle doesn’t impede my vision

Her glittering eyes are towards the sky
And her face depicts the sorrow within
Is she crying? Or grieving on something?
Maybe that’s why she is clad in white

Cold is already teasing my skin
Yet she is there standing in the rain
Is she really feeling the surroundings?
And the wind is continuously playing with her hair

There! Her gaze changes, her eyes rest upon me
The beauty of hers is starting to melt my soul
I’m rooted to the earth while my heart is racing
Why do I feel like she is the center of my universe?

“Kneel before her.” An inner voice whispers
“She’ll offer her soul.” I hear the same muttering
Her very presence has begun enchanting my mind
while her innocent smile is doing the silent invitation

Here! A force that is invisible pushes me forward
Step by step I close the gap between her and myself
She is there only a few yards away standing still
But I do feel like my feet are taking me to infinity

Our mouths are sealed but our eyes do the talking
I stammer since birth, yet this moment doesn’t count
Her hands rest on my chest, her look penetrates my soul
Sounds of our heartbeats are reverberating in our ears

Rain is increasing, and the wind sings the same song
Mist surrounds us making this little moment our own
She is in my arms, yet she is shivering
Not because of the cold yet I’m the only one who knows

 © Salitha Nirmana 2020