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Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy me a coffee and support my vision!

I Am Samantha Matthews, as a child growing up I knew that I wanted to be an inspiration in someway to others. As I grew older, I recognized that my childhood dreams would serve as a greater purpose in my life. However, disappointments, discouragements, and fear of being being criticized or judged always had an impact on me following that dream. So I would hide under the facade of being shy. This was my comfort zone. The last couple of years, I’ve battled with deception, acceptance and God has showed me that his blood is sufficient, and no matter what weapon the enemy has formed against me it will not prosper. I am a overcomer! The woman you see today has made it on broken pieces. Through all the hurt and disappointments, mountains and valleys, He was still there! He has taken me from “Pain to Purpose” and have impart-to me that I’m qualified to “sit at the table”. My vision is to empower women to see themselves as a masterpiece and inspire them to be the best version of who they are and know that God can take them “From Broken to Breakthrough”. There He can prepare you for such a task as this, although the journey will not be easy, but it’s one more time to make a difference, touch ones heart, encourage ones mind and inspire ones soul.
Please join me in this new chapter, as I pursue my vision.
I would also love your support with my YouTube Channel!

Thank you
Samantha Matthews