Buy SamiSET a coffee


Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy me a coffee! which I can equate to the many other essentials in my life.

In return I hope to provide a little entertainment, often about subjects which should not be entertaining.  As someone who breaks the rules of expectations I will to maintain integrity and respect in everything I do as I stand up and ask questions others sometimes shy away from. My aim is to promote unity and end bigotry, to encourage others to look at their own actions and see if we can all find the changes we need to make within ourselves to improve life for everyone as the circle of Karma rotates, and hopefully in a rhyme. A Rhyme feels lifting, melodic upbeat moods to make everything a little more palatable. You know what else is Palatable??

Coffee... If you would be so kind to help me keep going, If it is indeed a coffee I buy, you can be sure it will be well sourced! and appreciated.

Thanks for Looking

Sami SET xx