Merry Christmas, everyone! (And Happy Holidays!)

I just wanted to update everyone and let you know I haven't forgotten the Tarotscopes for 2022! I'll be resuming them on Monday! I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to produce content this week! I seem to get into a cycle of being high functioning and high energy then get into a lazy phase and then back into rushing to produce content for Instagram and BuyMeACoffee. I hope to eventually break this cycle and be more consistent.

One of my biggest problems is that I am not consistent. I kind of play things by ear and don't force anything. If I am not really feeling reading cards or writing poetry, I don't bother with it and wait until I am more in the mood to read cards or write. But with this dog eat dog metaphysical world, you gotta be constantly pushing out content every day! And it's exhausting! But I will keep trying to conform I guess 😂

I'd like to focus on just one platform going into next year. I'm not sure if Instagram or BuyMeACoffee is the way to go. Both aren't very rewarding financially and both don't really bring in the clients. Let's just face it, social media kills small businesses. And with the rash of imposter accounts on Instagram of people posing as established metaphysicians, astrologers, tarot readers etc scamming their followers for money, it scares me. I am an LLC so I am protected if I were to get sued. And I can take (costly) legal action against these individuals for defamation and using my name. But Instagram just isn't the greatest thing since Facebook anymore, it's turning into Facebook. And Facebook SUCKS!!

On the other hand, BuyMeACoffee is safe from impostors posing as me but I don't get any exposure at all unless I share posts publicly and post on my Facebook page or my linktree. I can't attract new people and no one is interested in signing up for a membership or they refuse to support.

So I don't know. Maybe I should learn coding or something and design a platform similar to Instagram but makes it way hard to impersonate someone and you don't have silly algorithms such as making reels or having to go live in order to be seen. Idk. Just an idea 💡

Instagram is trying to become the next TikTok and it sucks. The only reels that are popular in the tarot community are soulmate/twin flame readings and law of attraction stuff. They are very campy, sketchy, unethical, and give false hope which I do not like to provide at all. I also don't subscribe to the twin flame theory since that is what kept me in my bad relationship with my last ex. I thought he was my twin flame and we were destined. But anyway...

Yeah...I just don't like doing those type of readings and a tarot reading is more than a 30 second blip of entertainment. It can really change your life and there is so much depth to the tarot than just soulmates and twin flames! While my readings haven't reached that certain depth yet, I know they will in time the more I study and live life.

There is so much to say about tarot and the depths of it, but I can't think of anything else to add.

Thank you all so much for being here, whether it's on Instagram, BuyMeACoffee, or both! Thanks for reading if you've made it this far! Gold star ⭐ for you!

Happy Holidays!

All my love and gratitude 🙏💕