Here is a self care Sunday reading for the week ahead.

You may be feeling anxious or doing a lot of overthinking. The only way you can stop overthinking and being anxious is to get it out. Talk to someone, talk to your Guardian Angel who is looking out for you. Talk to a trusted friend or family member or someone you trust. Create something. Art can be anything...poetry, painting, drawing, writing down your feelings in a journal. You don't have to be good at it and you definitely don't have to share it! And we drew a bonus self-care card which is Flow Like Water. Make sure you're staying hydrated and keeping up with your hygiene! Also, cry. Have a good cry session. A good cry can be extremely therapeutic. It may not solve the problem, but it is freeing. Get in touch with your feelings!

Don't ignore or suppress your thoughts or feelings! It doesn't have to always be "good vibes only". Negative feelings are part of the human experience. Things can't always be sunshine and rainbows. As Veronica Sawyer in the movie Heathers once said "you can't always be happy otherwise you'd be a game show host" 🤣 Surround yourself with loving people (or animals!). There is always someone who cares and will listen.

Crisis Hotline in the USA: 800-273-8255

Crisis Textline USA: text HOME to 741741

Please take care of yourselves! 💕

Decks used: The Dove Deck by Lauralyn Kearney (buymeacoffee.com/Lauralyn) @lauralynkearney on Instagram

Sacred Self-Care Oracle by Jill Pyle

Crystal Unicorn Tarot by Pamela Chen @pamelaunicorn on Instagram