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Hey! I’m Sandie. I am using 2021 to make the move to follow my heART. Maybe you relate? My studies and job took a hit during Covid-19, and forced me to reconsider my trajectory. I have student loans to pay and two hungry teens to feed! 

I started growing crystals a few years ago, and have been developing techniques to grow bigger and stronger crystals, to grow crystals in particular formations, and to make molds of my favourite forms. It has been a trial and error process, I learned from videos on YouTube and by reading scientific papers on crystallography. At the same time I was doing PhD work in the philosophy of race. I also did a diploma in cognitive science! The science of connections between the molecules that form crystals is in many ways to me a foil and a compliment to the social science I know and love. 

I started making sculptures out of resin, as the crystal formations that I grow are fragile  and start to oxidize as soon as I remove them from the growth solution. I wanted to preserve and document my progress toward making ceramic sculptures of my crystal growing work. 

This was expensive. Financially, but also on my health. Resin is not friendly to me. I’ve had terrible allergic reactions and had to find a resin that works for me. Ecopoxy is that resin. It is now 60% plant based and is the safest epoxy out there. 

But it is still epoxy, and I want a healthier art. I recently bought a used kiln, and have started working towards moulding glass and ceramics using my crystal molds. I lost my job and had to go on medical leave from my PhD during these past few terrible months. My family has helped me, but I need to move forward and gain my independence. It is time. 

This site will help me move my art and passion into the driving seat of my life. I want to develop a practice that will grow into a career in art. Your support is a vote in favour of my freedom and passion.

The idea is that while I develop my art studio and finish my dissertation you can buy me a delicious, hot, strong coffee to help keep me going. Please help if you can. If you can’t, that’s ok. Enjoy my art, the videos and ideas that I am sharing freely with anyone who wants to see. 

If you can buy me a coffee today, I will use it to fuel my life. Thank you! 🥰

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