Dear reader,

If you are the "planner type" like me, January is usually spent in creating a content calendar, purchasing art materials, and creating weekly and monthly targets. If you are a non-planner, that is fine too. The common ground here is finding inspiration, and in this post, I share the ways I get inspired to create more art and other content.

#1 Art specific platforms

There are multiple non-social-media platforms where artists worldwide share their work along with giving other perks like tutorials, downloadables, jobs, blogs, sessions, etc.

To a beginner, the platforms would look fairly intimidating, and often that is the first step is realizing where you are, and where you want to go.

Here is a list of such platforms to browse and take inspiration:

#2 Social media hashtags

In an earlier post named - Social media insights and tips for creators, I mentioned the hashtag - #creatoreconomy on Twitter which has expanded my knowledge of what is being built in this space.

Platforms like Instagram and Twitter heavily rely on hashtags and following the relevant ones hints the algorithm on what you would like to see more.

#artistoninstagram is a widely used hashtag on IG which is combined with other relevant hashtags about art mediums. Similarly, on Twitter, the preferred hashtag is #ArtistOnTwitter which is regularly used by creators to share their work with their audience.

#3 Pinterest curation

Most of my earlier artworks took inspiration from the curated feed of Pinterest, and to this day most of my practice artworks are attempts of re-draw from the pics I find on Pinterest.

Pinterest also lets you create boards where you can pin pictures of your liking while browsing within Pinterest. However, with Pinterest Save Button which is a chrome extension, you can pin any picture on the internet onto your created boards.

#4 Looking beyond the algorithm

Many platforms offer a "Discover" or "Explore" feature which brings you trending videos from different genres though there is no guarantee that you would like what you see.

Still, this is a good way to pop the bubble that social media creates for us, and holds the potential to drift places of finding new inspiration, mostly true for portfolio platforms.

#5 Offline inspiration

This method is underrated and largely healthy. Though the internet has made life easier and most information is a click away, the offline inspiration remains timeless.

Look around you and see if you feel inspired by something. It could be sunsets, buildings, nature, people, food, animals, you name it.

What's more

I resumed the mini-series I started last year for video creation and added the 4th episode on video making using Canva. If you are a design enthusiast for social media or want to create videos but do not have a high-end laptop, this tutorial will be helpful.

That's all for now. I'll see you next time. Till then, take care.