Dear reader,

I will keep this one short.

Being a creator is NOT easy and often not supported enough. The passion work is often sidelined as a hustle and something to be not taken seriously.

This is precisely why creators need to support fellow creators and keep an eye on creator economy. There's a lot to learn, share, and support for each other's work.

For that, I have created a Telegram group named - "Visual Arts Support Group" where you are allowed to:

  • Promote your work

  • Share relevant and informational links - tutorials, job postings etc.

  • Guide and/or support fellow creators in their creative journey.

A small step, but I hope that it will aid creators and enthusiasts alike in making valuable use of their attention, both in giving and taking.

You may also check the video I recorded for the same.

Now the links:

  1. Telegram group - Visual Arts Support Group, link:

  2. To follow all updates from me, this is my Telegram channel link:

Other products which you may find useful

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Do join the Telegram channel and group.



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