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Hi! It takes alot of coffee to create music & play live on tour, so if you'd like to support me directly you can do that by making a one time contribution or becoming a monthly member (and of course receiving cool stuff in return like unreleased music, merch discounts for life, free VIP admission & more). If you can't or choose not to, I hope you know I still appreciate you just as much & you can listen to all my music for free online. 

Stay Cozy,

-Braden Barrie

Robyn McAlear
Robyn McAlear is now a member.

Hi Braden! Love your music! I've met you a few times in Scotland, with my friend Taylor most of the time, love seeing you perform and being able to interact, I hope we can do this again soon once it's safe ofc! Your music saved my life honestly, I'm forever grateful 🌹

Ellamariebella2 is now a member.

Thank you so much! 🖤

Brook bought 10 coffees.

giving 10 cups of coffee because im proud of my 10 years of sobriety and going my entire 20's sober. you should be exceptionally proud of yourself for getting through the first 6 months 🖤🖤

Thank you Brook! Much appreciated keep up the great work too 🖤

Ellamariebella2 bought a coffee.
Brook bought 8 coffees.

im in a fortunate position so want to spread the love and support 🖤 excited to be in Canada soon so I can go to shows.

Thanks so much Brook 🖤