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Hi 👋 !

I am working on which lets art teachers (or anyone!) create a simple online art show to share your student's artwork. You upload images of different artwork, and we put it in a fun art gallery to create an art show that you can share with students, parents, or just for fun!

You can either share your art shows directly from the site, or download all the images and upload them to any platform of your choice, or just share individual images!

Our Story

It all started when COVID 19 hit NYC and my fiance who works as the art teacher at a small school for children with special needs in Manhattan went online to teach art from home. She would talk to me constantly about missing the kids and seeing their artwork hung up around the school at the end of the year. I was also out of work due to COVID and wanted to help her with a solution! We teamed up and created the "School Art Show" website for her to have an opportunity to showcase the amazing art her students were creating at home. We wanted it to feel as much like a real art show as possible and be something that would make the kids (and parents) smile. We are still working hard on updates and additional features and are excited to share more soon.