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I'm Scott, a software developer since the 1980s.

Several years ago, I started creating C# programming guides on my website,

Some people have asked for a way to support the site, so I added this "buy me a coffee" link.

Ray Rife bought 3 coffees.

I told you I owed you a coffee =P

Thanks Ray! I'll be sure to grab a double espresso, or maybe a Monster, tomorrow. :)

Steve Fossey bought 5 coffees.

Super useful, finally able to see the big-picture in C# and not just do math in the CLI

Thank you so much, Steve! I hoped it would be better for people to see how everything applies within one program, instead of small individual lessons that don't connect with each other.

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Scott, Thanks so much for what you've put together here. It's extremely helpful, your explanations are easy to follow and relevant.

You're welcome, Bear! It's great to hear when someone finds the posts helpful.

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