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I'm Scott, a software developer since the 1980s.

Several years ago, I started creating C# programming guides on my website,

Some people have asked for a way to support the site, so I added this "buy me a coffee" link.

Dominic bought 2 coffees.

What an amazing, helpful person! Great tutorials and is willing to troubleshoot the mess you created!

Thanks Dominic! The UI you created for your console version of the game looked really cool.

Col bought 2 coffees.

Love the new RPG series, you explain things so well, building on new topics each time, and its good that you regularly recap things, your teaching style is great, thanks so much for a great series.

Thank you, Col! I'm finishing up a big job for a client, but have finally had a little time to start on new lessons for the game.

Steph bought a coffee.

Love the C# RPG tutorial series! I haven’t messed with C# since college, and the WPF version is a great refresher. Have a coffee on me. :)

Thanks, StephInners! I will definitely be caffeinated tomorrow. :)

Someone bought a coffee.

Thank you!

SirMullich bought a coffee.

Thanks for the SimpleRPG guide and all the troubleshooting help!

You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it!