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Hi, Bruce here. I make videos  to help you understand Scottish history, and plan days out and places to visit in Scotland. If you fancy helping support me keep making videos for you and spreading the word about our history to others then ...I'll love you till the end of time... or until the caffeine poisoning gets me

Linda Wylie
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Keep the videos coming - great stuff! 

Ah linda. You're a sweetie. Thank you so much

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Big thanks to someone

Gordon Connelly
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Huge thanks Gordon😘 

Graham Robb
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Keep up the good work. Using your videos to try educate my 10Yo son (who loves history) beyond the "English" history that is prevalent.

Careful, ye'll hae the laddie depressed before lang😜 Thanks for the coffee

Hugh Meikle
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Pit a wee drap o malt in it---on me. Yur vids shud be in every skool. A took history at skool an lernd nane o this. Mair power tae ye. PS. A took english as well, hehehe