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Hi, Bruce here. I make videos  to help you understand Scottish history, and plan days out and places to visit in Scotland. If you fancy helping support me keep making videos for you and spreading the word about our history to others then ...I'll love you till the end of time... or until the caffeine poisoning gets me

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Joy to watch and listen too! Sorry its only the two, im asthmatic and self isolating so not working at the moment. keep up the good work 👏👏👍 cheers Fedge

Paul, in the last month over 15000 unique viewers have watched my videos 21 people have bought coffee. You are special and should make no apologies

Thanks Bruce, I don't know if You do anything as far back as the Romans in Scotland like the Antoine wall and of course the famous Carrickstone which is a 10 walk to from where I live! I have just got Myself a puppy to start walking around Croyhill which sits on the Antoine wall itself! I've found a old road which is in the trees but Im not sure it's Roman or its from the old coal mines! I've also found a old alter which I think it is! I was always drawn to it as a kid and I have since went back and I'm positive these stones (Bricks/holders) are placed! My mates dad when we were younger I remember seeing to clamour like awards in his garage, old rusty things. His dad actually found them lying in the hill when he was a boy! Amazing too think that, that could of been two clansmen or Romans fighting and died in doing so and all that was left was the swords themselves! I would gladly show You these areas if Your interested and the Carrickstone which as You probably know is a place, now in Cumbernauld where the stone remains! This is where I'm led to believe that all the clans met here before every battle!  You can let Me know now the better weathers coming in. Cheers

I'm dyslexic So My grammar isn't the best! My son's the same! It has its advantages in stripping away all the trees and turrain in My mind and seeing things others can't! 


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Really enjoying the channel, Bruce. Keep up the good work, and all the best for the future - I hope you get lots of bookings!😊

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