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Hello Friends & Sea Tree Wonder Appreciators! 👋

As filmmakers, artists, dancers, writers and adventurers we are passionate about sharing happiness with the world. We are pouring our hearts & loads of time every week into creating meaningful, quality, creative & uplifting short films to share with the world.

Between the two of us, we are pouring dozens & dozens of hours each week into creating & sharing our Sea Tree Wonder inspiring videos, blog articles and posts. At this point, the whole project is a giant labor of love with nearly no monetary income.

That being said, living has its costs... We live week to week trying to make ends meet financially by selling our Rainbow Orca Designs nature & wildlife inspired sculptural art & paintings, and by teaching ballroom dance lessons. ( and amid the Coronavirus pandemic...all art shows and ballroom dance lessons are on hold with no incoming income)

We created a page here so that you can make a one time monetary contribution. YOU can buy us a symbolic "cup of coffee" so that we can keep creating meaningful & inspiring short films to share with YOU and the world!

Thank YOU for making a donation.

Your support means we'll be able to keep creating & sharing meaningful, uplifting & inspiring media with the world as we build an online community of people sharing joy and "wonderments" with each other.

Cheers to appreciating wonders grand & simple!

In love & GIANT REDWOOD TREE sized gratitude,

Your friends,

Megan & Wendy