The New Moon is one of the best times to set a goal, or intention, that you want to achieve. Some of these can be long term goals, and some you can work to achieve by the Full Moon - in around two weeks' time.

There are a number of ways to do this, today we're starting off easy. Pick something that you would like to happen within the next two weeks. Make sure it's a challenge but not totally unachievable. Create a pictorial representation of what you would like - this could be writing it on a piece of paper, creating a digital piece of art, a pic collage, a pinterest board, whatever makes sense to you. Say aloud, or hear the words in your mind, what you would like - eg:

I am confident in my abilities and I attract success.

Say it as though it has already happened. And then put the picture somewhere where you will see it often - perhaps as a background on your phone or tucked into your purse. Make sure you look at it often over the next two weeks and take positive action to manifest your desires.