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Jennifer Johnson bought 3 coffees.

Really appreciated the article calling out the misinformation from many sides circulating around the Covington Catholic students and Native American war veteran moment. This event and so many others could use calmer and more analytical minds like yours to try to figure out what may actually be going on. I’ll admit to my own bias in favor of the non-smirking, non-bulging-eyed veteran, but I prefer to get as much of the whole story as I can in this news story and any other one. Intellectual integrity is woefully underrated. Thanks for talking sense.

Thanks so much for the coffees and the kind words. I appreciate your feedback and rational approach! 

Alan Wigley bought a coffee.

Alan from the A-Club. Top work.  

Thanks again Alan. I appreciate your feedback in the FB group!

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I enjoy your articles, thank you.

Thank you, Marla! :) 

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I liked your article. And your reasoning. And your reasons for the coffee link. I bought you 3. :)

Thank you so much, Maureen! I really appreciate it.

Someone bought a coffee.

Thank you!!!