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Ethical Hacker | Infosec passionate | I do Infographics & articles to help people | 20yo

Hi & Welcome!

I am a French student, I got a bachelor degree this year and I want to become IS Security Manager.

I am passionate about Information Security.

I make articles and infographics on various topics related to Information Security (technologies, tools, protocols, applications, security measures, ...) to help people, for almost a year (I publish about 4 infographics per week). 

You can find my work on Twitter:


And on my website:

If you like my work, feel free to support me.

I will use this money to continue my work and my studies, but also to attend Information Security events.

I am very grateful to you and wish you lots of good things.

Thank you very much.


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Below, you can find some infographics that I realized. I invite you to watch my Twitter account to discover more than a 50th of infographics related to information security. You can find lots of them on this thread:
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divinetechygirl bought SecurityGuill 5 coffees.

Great work! Thank you for this wonderful content. 

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Good job ! Keep it up :)

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WJ bought SecurityGuill 5 coffees.

Keep it up Guill

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Great work. Very utilitarian of you!

Someone bought SecurityGuill 5 coffees.

You do good work :) 

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Great work, keep going . 

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Nice infographic.  I love the work you do.  Continuez votre bon travail!   Clement @ cccure

WJ bought SecurityGuill 3 coffees.

Well done on your content creation. I am an Enterprise Security Manager for a small/medium business and have given links to your work to users and admins wanting more knowledge alike as an easy starting point. Great work and keep it up.