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Heeey, nice to see you here! 😃

This donation page was set by Vlad Čoki as many of my followers have been asking me to create one, so they can support me and my community projects (Facebook Groups, Community websites and other projects...) not only by kind words which I often hear/read from you 😍, but financially as well.

All donations from You toward me from this page are going to be reinvested back to the business (websites, website hosting, programmers or salaries for virtual assistants), so I can provide even more valuable content and help to you, your friends and your family. 

I strongly believe in community spirit, very much supporting networking and collective growth - so you can be sure that each of you, eCommerce entrepreneurs and hobby sellers will get support which you need - whenever you ask for it. 🙌

You can also find me and ask any eCommerce related questions as well in my FB group here:


See you in my group or potentially in real life if our roads cross somehow. I love to meetup with eCom community as well!

GROW BIG & Never give UP. 🔥🔥🔥🚀
Thank you once again for all your support! 🙏