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Open-source enthusiast.

Hi guys,

my name is Radoslav and I am a full stack developer doing some open source stuff as well in my free time.

Some of my most used packages are a Flutter plugin, called multi_image_picker and a Safari privacy extension called Clean Links . 

I would be very grateful, if you'd like to buy me a bunch if coffees to help me keep maintaining those plugins.

Martibis aka Tibout Shaik bought 3 coffees.

Love the library, like a lot, hope you get some time to check out the issue I just posted!

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Happy that you are contributing! Just a tiny appreciation.

Thanks for the support!

Carlos Fabbro
Carlos Fabbro bought 3 coffees.

Radoslav, thank you a lot for flutter multi-image-picker  :)

Thanks fro you support Carlos, much appreciated!

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Woops, forgot to add my name to the message! 😄