When I first began getting into nature photography, I didn’t really have a style. I just shot it and edited it until it looked good and then I called it done. I knew I needed to improve with both shooting and editing ability. So what I had done was to force myself to take one deliberate shot per day and edit it before midnight and get it uploaded to Instagram for almost 90 days straight. This is where I learned everything I needed to, to shoot and edit in my Vibrant Dark style.

It didn’t occur to me until later how much the things I had consumed had informed my editing style for both my photography and artwork, but I have to say that James Cameron’s Avatar was one of them.

The world of Pandora and its setting was about as Vibrant Dark as you could get, and my artwork reflects my love for that overall look a little bit.

When I came across this particular plant in my backyard, I knew that the colours and deep contrast felt familiar, like I had seen it before. And I was immediately reminded of the movie.

And so the name, Backyard Pandora was given.

This shot is available on multiple products as print including on its own as a poster, art print, metal print and canvas:

It will also be available in a nature wallpaper pack as an extra in the future!