Do you just love coffee? I do. Especially when I can get out to a café by myself and just take my tablet with me, grab a nice hot mocha and sit down to write within the chaotic sound wall of a coffee shop. Listen, I have no idea why it works so perfectly, but it's one of the best places to write for me. Unfortunately, I will not be able to experience that until all the lockdowns are complete. Sadface.

During these times of solitude, I also do my best creative thinking in terms of creating distorted realities. And yes, somehow I consider it solitude because I forget about all the people around me. I can only hear the wall of sound that is so loud it becomes nice and quiet within my mind. Please, don’t ask, I don’t understand it fully myself.

While I was streaming over on Twitch, I needed something to work on and while scrolling through the Unsplash page of images looking for something to edit, I came across this cup of coffee. The scene immediately flashed in my mind and I thought it was a perfect way to illustrate how my mind works in terms of imagining different things, including seeing scenes of absolute epicness, no on its own, but as part of the reality around me.

Hence, The Cup of Breathtaking was born. Yes, Keanu Reeves may or may not have been talked about during the stream. I really enjoyed putting this one together and I hope you enjoy the places it takes your mind.

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