It is fun to go exploring. You never know what you are going to see, what you are going to find and what kind of memories and experiences you might bring back with you. Sometimes, you can't go exploring in our reality because there might be a pandemic, or you are unable to get to a place for exploration or funding might be an issue.

But what if we can go exploring in another way? One completely transcended from this reality entirely? A way where it won't cost us anything except for a nice hot cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or perhaps you can have your variety of spicy drinks, and some time.

Exploring the mental realms are an absolute blast. We've been told as children to stop daydreaming, stop wasting time. Sorry, but they were wrong. Daydreamers are the ones who are willing to take on the challenge of changing the world. Of seeing things in a way no one else will. They can solve problems no one else can, because no one else is willing to obsess over a problem like a daydreamer can.

Best of all, the stories we come to love so much, the devices we come to rely on so much and the art that sets our hearts free so much comes from day dreamers and thinkers. The ones willing to meander through the mental realms to find things you cannot find anywhere else. And best part about it? Is that we can do it in anyway we like.

This piece is representative of that. Why kayak through a river when you can do it through the concrete jungle instead? Why walk when we can fly to worlds not yet created.

Prints available in many formats, including phone cases in the event you want to be reminded to enter a mental realm during a small break, for example. =)