Nature is rarely ever identical within itself. It is the nature of nature to be about as unique as it can get, due to the chaos realm. Even identical objects can’t ever be truly identical, because there will always be differences at a microscopic level that we will never see (at least without assistance).

These are the thoughts racing through my mind as I took the shot and went about editing it. None of the other flowers were set up like that at all. They were spotted around the plant in a random fashion but these two? They were just sitting side by side and the lightning was all but perfect being on the other side of the plant where all the sun was shining.

Even with two flowers that are the same, sitting right next to each other you can see all the differences in the detail, the marks and lines, the petal structure and how they are spaced apart and how they overlap. I love this kind of detail and one of the many reasons I love getting up close and personal with nature photography.

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