Imagine you’re streaming and working away productively attempting to build beautiful scenes and create some art. Along comes a Troll who isn’t a troll, but likes to call himself Troll and brings along his Hjönk army. Suddenly, chat is filled with lots and lots of Hjönking and there is no escape.

None at all.

Then, because you are friends and because there is no escape and because you no longer have a choice, he drops gifted subscriptions and bits and because you actually give a damn, he requests a piece based on Hjönks.

And the Space Honk was born. At least with my love of science fiction, I got to work with an image based on space and I just had to make a Honk work with it somehow. Troll is on a mission to make geese cool and ya know what? I’m down for that and helping out where I can. So why not a Space Honk art piece?


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