Hey new folks, friends and followers of my creative journeys over the past 12 years or more for some of you! I love you all for that! you make me who I am creatively.

I am Shane, I am a creator with a troubled mind and honest heart - I have quirks, obsessions, random talents , I talk to much , i enjoy being alone with a paper and pencil, I cope in my own ways, people who know me say I'm fine but know and admit Im a little different. this is me.

I took a general social media poll a few months back to see how many people would be willing to support my creative endeavors and help fund personal self assigned projects, I was overwhelmed at the response I got. I'll be honest, I am the hardheaded son of a hardheaded woman , not one to ask for donations and help by any means but I am constantly told people would be willing to support my work as it flows and changes and boy would it help. I know this..... , the pandemic has affected everyone and me included, I want to create like I do each year and I depend on my full time wedding/portrait income to fuel most of my cost for all the other 100k images I take per year to send to new york for potential fine art sales, which is also very slow to halt for me , because I primarily shoot people not things for income.

I just moved to a new city in Jan/Feb and was very amped up about the future and all of a sudden this......2020 showed its true colors. I cancelled mid-filing for temporary unemployment on the fact I would have to have been dishonest to receive it, most people have no issue with dishonesty and maybe I shouldn't either. Except I carry a deep sense of honor and truth no matter the circumstance, MY circumstance now is due to my BS situation of residency and the fact DMV closed right before I could switch to my new state . So I am literally a refugee /nomad to the states. err


This will be my place of creative refuge, I have been looking for a place I can show work ( MORE WORK) because any of you that know me , know that I really hold back on how much I show of all that I do with images/films and music. I wanted a place that people could support me and will not vanish in the event I die (god forbid but tis always a thought) . A website is nice and I have a great one (www.icanstoptime.com) , but it will die with me (its all morbid but bear with me) , soon as the 120 bucks a year does not get paid its all gone forever. Instagram is trash for showing work and full of toxic garbage, same goes for anything FB related. This is my test run I will be here for a while. Not saying this will be the best place yet, but I am here and hopefully so are you . I want to give monthly subs a real treat into my world of creating for being a part of it. Trust me its going to be overwhelming amounts of shoots, short films, and sets that span over 10 years, many you have seen glimpses of, but now a full look into all the beautiful people I have worked with . This will also be a place for me to teach or explain any process someone is curious about. This is getting to winded , until next time.

With all that will you join me or drop a few coffees??