Are you ready for a change? 

  • You are living paycheck to paycheck.

  • Don’t have an emergency fund.

  • Feel like you are being left behind financially.

  • Can’t seem to get your debt paid off.

  • There is never any money leftover.

What if….. 

  • You could pay off your debt.

  • You could buy a house.

  • You could pay for a holiday with cash.

  • You invested every payday.

  • You could become financially fit super EASY.

If you haven’t been able to do this yet….I’ve got you!

We will do this together and make it stick.

What you get

  •  30 workable options to improve spending

  • 3+ hours of video lessons, with:

  • 30+ pages of slides to bring attention to the actions

  • Goals and savings tracker worksheets

  • 60+ pages to guide you

Plus, a 30-day money-back guarantee (no questions asked)

Hi, I’m Shireen

In September 2017 I quit my 6-figure executive job.

Over the years I tried many ways to make it ‘rich’, until finally I found the one thing that would make it all fit.

When I finally worked this out, I saved more money than I had ever done in any one year.

Saving your first $1000 will prove that you can do it, and then we go on to $10,000.

This is my formula.  It works!

I used it everyday to build my net worth.

Come along, and let me guide you through this financial fitness makeover

My formula will help you save faster than I ever did!

As a former executive manager, consistently achieving performance and financial benchmarks, my passion is coaching others to achieve their own financial fitness makeover. 

As an everyday person, like you, I have put all I know that helped me save more and live a better life financially free.

Supporting others to have what I have is my passion.

Let’s do this!

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Any questions, please let me know. 😊