Buy Shirley Serban a guitar string


Kia ora! I'm Shirley from New Zealand. My day job is in a school but I've been creating songs for my own amusement (and probably sanity) for as long as I can remember. 

I found during the Covid-19 pandemic that not only do my songs help me stay smiling in hard times, but they help others too. So this has become my main free-time project since March 2020.

It's just me and my laptop, and an old green screen I bought for $20 online a few years ago. Recently, I bought a USB microphone at the suggestion of a listener, so that people get better sound quality. Buying me a virtual coffee / guitar string through this site will help me upgrade and replace my gear over time as needed, so I can continue creating songs to bring joy. (I can't stand the taste of real coffee, but certainly go through guitar strings!)

40+ songs created in 2020 and not planning to stop any time soon! 

Thank you for considering supporting this little project - it is really appreciated.

Becky bought a guitar string.

love your work!

Thank you! 😁

Someone bought a guitar string.

Many thanks!

Someone bought a guitar string.

Thank you so much!

Paul and Anne Cobham
Paul and Anne Cobham bought a guitar string.

Love the music and and the entertainment

Thank you both - more is on the way very soon. (Working on a song now.)

Someone bought a guitar string.

Much appreciated - thank you!