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Hello, I blog about black owned brands. I make it easier to find specific black owned goods online through a directory, and blog posts about where to find specific goods.

I started this journey in 2017. At first I was creating lists for myself on where to find specific black owned goods, and sharing information with family and friends.  I began to appreciate how useful the information was to others.  Subsequently Shop With Leslie was born.  Given the time and expenses of running a blog, I need help to stay afloat and continue to develop.  Check us out @ Shop With Leslie, and if you think this is a worthwhile cause, buy me a cup of coffee.  Thanks.  
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Thank you so much for starting this! It really makes it so simple to find specific things from Black owned businesses!

Thank you for your donation.  I am glad you find the website useful. 

Leah Marie Cardoz
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thanks for the help, Leslie! 

Thank you Leah for your donation!

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Hello Leslie. With the recent events that have happened in this country since the murder of George Floyd, I think it is imperative that we support and lift up our own. Sad to say it had to come from taking another one of our beloved black brothers from us for me to figure that out but now I'm all in and its the only way for me to go. I'm on a mission to look for and support my people. This won't be the last time you hear from me. God bless you and keep on pushing❤️ 

Thank you Pamela for your donation and encouraging words.  Take care and God bless you.

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Thank you for the donation!

Stephanie Colangelo
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Hey Leslie! Thank you so much for your dedication to education, for raising awareness, and for using your platform (and developing it) to get the word out about black-owned businesses. I hope you enjoy this cup of coffee (or donation, or whatever you’d consider it) and know how many people appreciate you and the work you put into this cause. 💕 take care, keep going!  Sincerely, Steph

Thank you Stephanie for your donation and encouraging words.