Buy ShredOS a coffee


Hi, my pseudonym is 'PartialVolume' on the Github ShredOS and NWipe pages. If you would like to show your appreciation for the hours I spend on maintaining and enhancing ShredOS and nwipe, then this is the place.

ShredOS is open source software but is provided as .img and .iso image files that you can burn to USB memory stick or CD/DVD. You then boot from the USB stick or CD/DVD straight into nwipe above ready to select the drive or drives you want to wipe using any of nwipes standard wipes.

Don't feel obliged to donate however all contributions help me to churn out features faster ! You can give one off payments or become a member and pay a monthly or yearly amount. You choose the amount by what you think ShredOS is worth to you.

All contributions are most gratefully received and will help pay for hardware used in developing ShredOS and nwipe and the many hours I spend working on the code.