For someone who has had the love for reading since forever, turns out that I had not been completing the breathing cycle. Okay, so a little context here.

(Caveat : Flashback begins)

Well it is believed that while reading is inhaling, writing is like exhaling. And I was inhaling and inhaling for the longest time when I stumbled upon this wonderful quote by George Orwell,

"If people cannot write well, they cannot think well, and if they cannot think well, others will do their thinking for them."

And that was the moment when the apocalyptic resolve was made. But then I delegated for a few more days because hello, habit to procrastinate, when finally today I stopped delegating it any longer. The result is that here you are (glad really), reading my ramblings.

So essentially I'm interested in anything and everything that exists on earth and beyond that too, ideas, concepts and things man-made and otherwise too. And I read about all these things, indiscriminately, in whatever little capacity that I seem to be having (really trying to stretch it lately). Therefore to complete the breathing cycle, I'll be posting here in this little niche. Well in all honesty I could have just maintained a journal, but would love it more really to share it with YOU, my dear reader. So if you are curious in general and would want to know about legit anything knowledgeable, then you are more than welcome to explore here. I'll be sharing all the cool stuff that I come across and of course, my thoughts (kind of obvious, but still). Watch this space for more!