Hey everyone! As some of you are aware I recently went away for a week to visit my father on his small farm to help him with some long overdue maintenance and tlc to the farm. He has been in poor health for the past few years and once I was there for the week I realised just how bad his health was, at the age of 83 he just can’t cope with it anymore but with the help of a few of his friends in the local area, the birds and him are being looked after but obviously there is more to do, as is the nature of these things. When I came back from visiting him in hospital towards the end of last year, I wrote a blog about my wishes to keep him in his chosen lifestyle for as long as possible see blog here.

Now, I live 176 miles away from his land and he has no real residence on the land either bar a canal boat that he has lived on for the past 35 years which is not in a fit state to use as a base when I go up there. This led me to camping on his land and that worked brilliantly. So, after much thought regarding my channel and the income I make from it alongside any donations I receive through my blog. I am going to collect this income together and learn to drive…. I know right I am 37 years old without a driving license. I don’t anticipate it being overly difficult. I do know how to drive as have done many times but I have never taken the test and passed so I will need a block of lessons, the test and then a car.

I’m doing this as a vehicle will bring the gap between my father and myself. A dear friend of mine drove me last time but this is not something that can be done regularly and once I am there I am effectively trapped until he comes to get me. I also want to be able to take my kids to see my father as they have never met him, nor had a relationship with him. I know it’s a lot to achieve in what should be a relatively short space of time, but I wanted you guys to know that all the income I get from you whether it be donations on the buymeacoffee page, donations through YT or Channel Memberships will now all be going directly into a fund for a block of driving lessons, booking the test and then towards a car.

When I started my channel, website and blog I never thought I’d make any money from it, it was a bit of fun. When they all started taking off, I thought of a ShutYerGob/RobGoblin plan. Much like the Marvel Cinematic Universe phases. Phase 1 was getting monetized, Phase 2 was upgrading and purchasing all the equipment needed to optimise what was a very humble set up. Bar 1 item on the list I have done everything I set out to achieve and at the end of this month I will be able to tick that last item off the list (it’s a capture card update).

Phase 3 of the overall ShutYerGob plan is now underway and that phase is going to be a Driving license, if you know me well which quite a few of you do I’ve wanted to start a gardening and carpentry business. I want to be able to sustain myself from incomes that I generate and a small van/large car is a vital part of this next step of my business plan. So the announcement is simply to say that any monies made from ShutYerGob YT channel and the ShutYerGob buymeacoffee page will now be going into hopefully improving the quality of life for firstly my father and then my family as I try to build something better for us for the future. Thanks for reading and thanks for all your support up until this point and going forward. You guys are simply amazing and if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be anywhere close to believing any of this was or is possible. Rob