Good Morning my friends!

How are we all on this awesome Tuesday morning. Cannot beat Star Wars day! I love May the 4th and Revenge of the 5th too! I usuall binge watch Star Wars. This year though I wont be as Im so happy with how my new SSD has revolutionised my PC. Its like its brand new out of the box and I have you all to thank for that! Thank you. Today also a 8GB stick of RAM is arriving so with that in the PC as well I will hopefully be streaming back at 60fps. I have been playing with the settings which have resulted in a couple of 'laggy' streams which I do apologize for its all just trying to find the right settings and balance. Thanks again my friends

Today I have already streamed a Doom Eternal stream and had a great time hanging out with two dear friends of mine Zack and Josh. These two are fantastic creators themselves and if you jump in my streams you will most likely meet then. I have attached the link to the stream below if you want to catch up. It's lots of me swearing at Demons as they either kill me or me swearing as I die on Molten Lava or in Radioactive Goo! Typical Tuesday morning for me really!

Right guys and girls!

Have a lovely day. Thanks for being so awesome we are getting there guys!