Well…... Is it the End or the Beginning?

Hello dearest of friends! I hope you are all well. I know I have eased back on these ‘blogs’ and there has been a very good reason for that. I have spent the past 3 months pushing for monetization. I was streaming every day to get the hours over the line, and I was very fortunate with the subs. I had 2 shorts blow up, a New Vegas live stream and a F1 race. Its crazy really. The further the figures went the faster the figures went up. Its all just a huge lottery to be honest. There is so much content being uploaded to YouTube that it really is the luck of the draw and of all the content I have painstakingly created and its an old random live stream that blows up…. Really YT? Come on! You can do better than that! I been in the YT game for a little over 18 months and I’ve really worked hard at it all the while trying to stick to my core values and reason for being on the platform and I like to believe that has caused the quick growth and by throwing out good vibes and love to everyone it tips the scales and some of that Goodness comes back around.

Right well….. now what? 18 months pushing for the holy 1K subs and 4K hours so what does that mean? Fuck it I’m out! I have never been so focused on a goal in all my life, straight up. Now its here, now what? I got an idea what. I’m going to just frigging enjoy it. I’m going to stick to everything I said I would do too. I’m going to work with my community and help others achieve their goals with ‘shout-out’ and promotion. Now I have the capacity to have members I have 2 membership tiers which are aimed at small creators. The Orcs and The Elves are there for creators who want my help with promotion. I will be setting up nightbot commands for Orc users so they can get my nightbot to drop their links when they are present in stream and the Elves will have the nightbot drop their links automatically. Both these tiers will also get ‘shout-outs’ via my community tab and on other social medias as well. The Elves will also have the opportunity to participate in my ‘Live creator Panels’ They will have the opportunity to promote their own channel during these segments. Using my platform to promote their own content. I intend to build the best dam support network for my members that I can and support everyone as best as possible. If you think these perks may help you, please consider hitting the join button and we can work together. I will be creating a video outlining each perk and what that means but currently I am unable to due to a really nasty chest infection, and I am saving my voice for my Birthday Bash on Saturday.

Onto the birthday bash… It is my 36th Birthday this weekend and Saturday I thought I would have a live panel with some of my dearest friends, a few drinks and a whole lot of fun. Music, whiskey and banter seems the likely way to go to celebrate both my passage through time and also my channel being monetized. The link is here, please consider smashing the link and hitting remind me. Its on Saturday at 7pm GMT and there is no time limit on this one. I will be available for questions and in all honesty, I’m going to be candid about so much stuff its untrue. Exciting times

I want to address something as well here as while I was pushing for monetization, I turned the blinkers off to a lot of hate coming my way, dislikes and nasty untrue things being said about me behind my back. I’ve had it been said about me that I have a huge ego and that once I hit this milestone, I wouldn’t support my fellow creators anymore, that I would just abandon everyone and go my own way. Well now that I am at this milestone, I’m here to tell you that is categorically untrue and that I have only ever worked for my fellow creators. Like that has literally been my MO for 18months. I have run 3 mutual support discord servers to the best of my ability, giving people a safe space to express themselves without fear of being creeped on by guys. I’ve had peoples YT channels taken down who have actually thought it was ok to send inappropriate picture to women. I got a nice juicy bit of evidence against another member of the community currently sitting there bad mouthing me and acting holier than thou. Wait until the whole community knows you’re a creeper sending dick pics to people. It isn’t even that impressive a dick! I have the time, energy and the willpower to make your YT existence pretty painful so I’m just going to throw this out there. Stop trolling my videos, stop speaking my name when you don’t know me or things going to get real. I’m the guy that will find out where you work, call your boss and tell them you are a sex pest. This is my one and only warning. Everyone else in my fantastic community have a lovely day and I look forward to seeing you on Saturday

Much Love Goblin Horde