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Hi, I'm a Canadian Expat based in Bangkok. I create vids about my Thailand and Asia travels, plus events, also accommodation and living costs options. I also try to make a positive difference  along the way, even in a small way helps. Life, a series of side trips... thanks for viewing mine. Happy travels! STL
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Love your work mate! The fact you help the locals is wonderful to see also. That lady walking up the hill really wanted that exercise! Cheers from Sydney AustraliaChristopher🍻🍻🍻 

Cheers for that Christopher :) Were that lady my mum, would've bundled her into the van! lol. Better 2021 ahead, for Aus too, hang in there!  YT ref: 

Angel In Austin (USA)
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looking to expat 2-3 years learning all the country has to offer - your vids seem to hit my sweet spot - sure some spots are a bit remote for everyday but all (so far) look winners - keep doing what youre doing! cheers

Thanks kindly Angel:) Perhaps have a look around Hua Hin area? 2 hours to Bangkok + all the amenities without the Bkk bustle: 

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I've trusted my guts a lot all my life and I was absolutely right again this time. I learned a lot from you. Thank you.

How very kind of you. Will be sure to share too. Thank you  :)