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Hey 👋 everyone! 

I would like to share with you that I have been working to create and promote night and day for many months now. Sometimes only sleeping 3 or 4 hrs a day and sometimes less... Which is a great privilege for me to serve this great and passionate community! If you would like to share in this passion, you may do so by buying me a Coffee! I give you my word that I will definitely buy myself a coffee from any gifts, and think of you dearly while sipping on a hot mocha with warm skimmed milk, or on a double espresso, yes it has to be a double for me lol! Maybe gazing onto a sunset or taking a walk in a nearby forest coffee in hand, clearing my mind and just breathing... I will be thinking of you,,,

Any gifts over the cost of a cup of coffee, will go directly to supporting E2DC. 

Thank you all for being so Great!

Warmest regards


Clair Voyant
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Clair Voyant
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yes indeed, fully deserved for your commitment and future e2dc growth

Wow! Thank you so much Clair!  I didn't really think anyone would buy me a coffee lol! Much love!!