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Collective Shadow Energy

I was forwarding this post from the German Lichtarbeiter group and want to look a bit more into this topic.

Here first the quote:
Collective Shadow Energy - Satanic Time Loop

The shadow energy that surrounds us all and in which we live is energy. Everything is energy. The Satanic Time Loop is obvious. We are programmed to play a role in this collective shadow. As actors consciously or victims which will show up on the outside and reveal much shock and horror. With awakening and awareness and realization, we grow on our own responsibility through our own research with our connection to Source and our higher self from actor into the role of director. Recognize the lies and feel the darkness and low frequencies of this collective shadow. We leave the satanic time loop as soon as we walk our soul path on our own responsibility without dependencies. Out are the doubts, the lack and the fear and especially the ignoring and fighting of my truth and your truth. The path to fullness leads through our heart, from which the pure truth springs.Unconditional love - Lightworker 🥰

This again is another confirmation that what is happening is for all of us who are incarnated in the moment. We are here because we have signed up for this life and are here to help with this transformation. It is not someone else or “they” who do it for us. We are part of it.

This is probably one of the most important facts to understand and one of the reason why it takes a long time, is because so many are not awake to this truth. A lot of people don’t think they make a difference, this is part of the program. If we feel helpless and believe we have not saying in this, then we don’t. The power of those is taken by the ones who know what to do with power!

Nobody ever said that waking up to the truth is easy and here we find also a lot of deception in the New Age groups who are also manipulated and still many expect that “they” (who ever “they” are) will come and rescue us.

The cabal has done a fantastic job and it is now the time that also those who signed up for the Light, those still hiding, stand up and hold up their light and stop being manipulated. It’s time to reflect and use logic!

It is absolutely incredible that those who had the jab now attack those who didn’t because they are afraid of them. If you have a jab, you should be happy and protected… or what is wrong with this picture? Maybe those jabs are not …. etc. you know what I am talking about.

According to my Dakini Oracle this morning the most important thing is to see through the illusion. To do some research and look at what is coming into your life. The energies are upside down in the moment for so many and they behave like the Chameleon, changing colour to “fit in”.

Maybe you look at this saying that I hear so often: “I just go with the flow” and this is a statement that you go down! Remember that rivers flow downwards… and if there are some waterfalls around and other things like rocks or narrow places, you might have a rough ride…Natural rivers, natural life, is not between two smooth concrete walls, going with the flow is not always smooth!

Right now we need to stop, to stand up and look around us and make things right. All what is not in harmony in life needs attention. Waking up does not mean you need to go and protest… or shout your frustration and anger out loud. Although, sometimes we have to do that to.

But now we have to focus on what is in front of our noses and work on harmony and balance in our lives. Since we are part of the hologram:
If I change – every thing changes!

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