Update 14 September 21 by Silver Dove

Unvaxed control group

There is a lot of discussion about the vax passport etc. and I was writing already that we, the not vaxed, should also have some kind of certificate that we are in the test group without vax.

What I know is that none of the requests for this passport is legal. But its complicated and most people don’t have the courage to stand up against authorities. This is the downfall of many and the death that follows the vax.

I can recommend you to read the comments to this FB post. It’s a miracle that it is not deleted yet! https://www.facebook.com/110047718058030/posts/117910867271715/?d=n

I got this info yesterday morning and signed up right away. I was talking about this before and hoped someone is making such a group, but I am not an MD and can’t start one. So now it’s reality and it’s a good way to be protected from being forced to get the shot.

This was in the post of Michelle Fielding and I totally trust her. Test it out for yourselves!


This drama will not go much longer, but we have to be aware that those who obey help to prolong the situation!

This is a test of human maturity! Little children follow the “adults” without much questions. But already when they start to live, the start to ask questions. But they still believe the answers of the “adults” because they are bigger and know better.

Honestly: do they really know better? I agree looking at things they learn, skills etc. they are better. But many other things the purity of a child’s consciousness is more mature, because all the children that have lived already and in the first 7 years of their lives, when they are still closely connected to the Higher Self would be a time we should listen to them. Especially those born after 2012!

Why do yo think that in the puberty time, when the child grows into an adult, there are so many conflicts, tension and fights between the young and the old? Because they still have the courage to rebel! The courage to tell what they think and they still have dreams. Many of the adults have lost their dreams… and this is the main problem. Just short term satisfaction, comfort and status symbols! They identify themselves with what they have and their position in work/social life!

Just let that sink in…. And then look at: who am I? Who am I really?
If I would die right now, would I be happy with my life?

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