Update 10 August 21 by Silver Dove
How to Cope with the energy changes

The energy shift in the “black out” time was enormous. Many felt like totally spaced out and then had a hard time to function. Yesterday I was in town for some stuff and even the friend I met for lunch told me that she went the wrong way and suddenly asked herself why she is driving this way. And I had the same issue, for a moment I didn’t remember where the plant market was…. It was weird. I had a very hard time to cope with the city....!

I was wondering if there is something we can do when so spaced out, this is probably the main reason why in this time of shift the world for many has come to a halt. It is not easy to accept. But once we understand what is really going on and not only see the surface of things, it all makes a lot of sense.

One thing that I have experienced many times is that when I asked my “upstairs team” for support, I feel very good, at ease and things happen smoothly. Sometimes things fall into place that I would never have anticipated. Solutions present themselves if we let go.

I want to give you the info of a flower remedy that can help you now. If you have no access to get it, just print an image of that flower and put a glass of water for 10 min on the image and then take a sip once in a while during the day. This would be the principle of the way Masuro Emoto was working with the water when he wrote different words and put it on the glass of water. When he froze the water and then later tested the ice crystals they showed either beautiful crystals when positive words were written, or negative distorted crystals when the word was negative like hate or something like it.

If you put a neutral glass of water on the image, it will receive the information of the image. The beauty of this is, that if you don’t have an essence available the image is enough to make it work!
This, btw, is also true for cloth you are wearing. Be very considerate of what you are wearing…. You carry that energy around the whole day!

This is part of the chapter in my Book: Flower Healing Power 2 – The Asian Gateway Flower Essences (if you like, you can order the two Flower healing book from me)

Firecracker weed: Pyrostegia venusta, Family: Bignoniaceae

The characteristics of Firecracker

In a sea of green leaves, the intense orange flowers of this vine are blooming in the dry season. The flowers are long, narrow and tube-like. When the weather, after the rainy season, turns cooler and dry, the flowers start to bloom. They will eventually cover the whole green vine, which often is planted along fences, and it turns into seemingly thousands of little flames that set the whole vine on fire. The flowers become a bright attraction when other plants and trees lose their leaves. They are a joyful gift from Mother Gaia, a symbol healing power and total abundance.

When the tube of the flower is closed, it looks like the finger of a glove or it can be seen as a phallic symbol. It suddenly “cracks open” and releases the filament with the precious pollen. This vine is surrounded by honeybees and other insects waiting for the opening to receive the nectar of this unique flower.

The Firecracker essence helps those who are concerned about a problem and can’t figure out a solution. It essence brings joy to the breakthrough of a problem and literally cracks us open to the joy and laughter in life to releases suppressed emotions. Things then are not taken so seriously anymore because people can feel joy and see the bright side of life again. Old boundaries melt away like snow in the sun and creative solutions to problems arise. People are able to focus better and be open to both, inspiration and ease in the processes of the thinking mind. It brings out an individual’s creativity.

People who need Firecracker essence are passionate and powerful by nature but they might have suppressed themselves as result of a dogmatic education. The essence acts like spontaneous combustion to burn away such blockage and release suppressed power.

The orange color of the Firecracker weed’s flower supports physical fitness and animates people to go outdoors and do healthy sports. Through the increased physical wellbeing, the essence also brings new life and energy, joy and playfulness into sexual life.

The Firecracker essence brings back life to things that have become boring routine; it activates the longing for adventure and activity to end stagnation.